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What sets us apart...

Innovation in the Iran market, Lavtivia Drinkable Yoghurt.

  • Lactivia a new dairy beverage companies in the hat is placed probiotic yogurts.
  • Each bottle of yogurt drink Lactivia contains billions of bacteria that can Lactigovar® digestive process , enough to survive in the intestine and help to regulate the digestive system naturally . Lactivia yoghurt drink containing only bacteria Lactigovar® in Iran.
  • The product has excellent taste and delicious.
  • The product has excellent taste and delicious.

Health Dietary recommendations...

dietary fiber in your daily diet will always include

The fiber is like a traffic police that the remains of food in the intestines becomes smoother. Fiber addition to increasing the volume and amount of feces, due to its softer and thus easier to pass through the digestive system will Shd.

Avoid stress at all times, especially when eating!

Never eat food in a hurry and stress. Chew each mouthful slowly Dst¬Km 20 times. This will give your stomach enough time to digest and absorb the nutrients in food to be prepared.

Probiotic dairy products consumed

Dairy products , especially products containing probiotics bed , very effective in digestion . Probiotics are beneficial bacteria so that they can improve the performance of the digestive system. Laktyvya a new and delicious dairy drink hat companies that normally helps regulate your digestive system function.Dairy products containing probiotic bacteria only active Laktyvya called " Laktygvar " is. Laktygvar used in Laktyvya special effect on better digestion of food production. Laktyvya the scientifically proven benefits of dairy products is due to Laktygvar in this product, use the product in comparison with other yogurt, dairy drink , a greater impact on increasing the frequency of bowel movements and improve the quality of its features , as well . Each day with lunch or dinner Laktyvya drink and feel good every day .

Do not forget to drink enough water throughout the day

Low intake of water throughout the day as well as getting enough fiber , significantly hinders the digestive system .

With enough exercise , adjust the speed of digestion

Exercise such as walking and cycling blood flow to your organs and muscles also increases your digestive system . At least 30 minutes of exercise every day to get better.